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.:: SkinCity History ::.

This was the beginning...

Start Oct/08/1999.
The start was a homepage at my Internetprovider T-Online in Germany. Only 10 MB Webspace. The page displayed several Pics from Half-Life, Blood and other Shooter. After the release of Unreal Tournament (I think it was December 1999 in Germany) also Pics from Unreal Tournament.

The Community grows fast and I began to do more than only playing Unreal Tournament and uploading some pics. I linked directly to map-tests from the partnersite UT-Area (I wrote several Map-Reviews for UT-Area and news for it). Unfortunatly UT-Area isn´t existing anymore. Greetings Sermonizer ;-) and remembering the good ol´times with lots of fun we had.

January 2000: the first skins. The skins aren´t directly there, only linked to some other sites. Greetz Lawgiver (LG2K), you know what I mean. ;-)

SkinCity grows fast...

SkinCity grows and I had to move. At the May/31/2000 I started SkinCity at the german Gamers Network.

All files were now directly downloadable @ SkinCity. And SkinCity has grown fast.

The last count: 745 Skins and Models.

Unfortunatly the Gamers Network don´t exist anymore. That was one reason to move again.

The new Home...

The next and hopefully last moving to Planet Unreal at March/05/2001.

It´s great to be a part of the big PU-Community. SkinCity looks better now (in my opinion). It´s not so pro like other skinsites, but it´s fast loadable and ok for a quick look.

SkinCity gets a better look

After 3 month of work the biggest change in SkinCity´s life is done.

Going online at the 3. of March 2002.

Sermonizer (MarcoB.) gives SkinCity a nice and professionel design. Also new features are integrated. A guestbook, popping up Skin and Model of the moment and a counter.

SkinCity is now with a team. I (SaD) will do the work, I have done before. That means: making the pics, upload the files and posting news about it.
Sermonizer works in the background. That means: Coding (PHP/MySQL); coding and testing a database for the upcoming Unreal 2. We want to index the skins for that game. I think it´s easier to search for skins instead of browsing thru the gallery

SkinCity - the next Generation

Since 13. May 2002 SkinCity is hosted by

After 5 months SkinCity gets a big overwork to be prepared for UT2k3.

A new newssystem, the gallery for Unreal Tournament 2003, Skins and models added in a database. A commentfunction, new guestbook and many more features.

The biggest improvement is the database which costs many of Sermonizer´s time. Also the rest of the work, because over 90% is done by himself. This was it --- for now, till the next big change (Unreal2 ?) .

2003 - 2005

Many little and bigger improvements were done over the last two years. To name some : We added UT2004 shortly after relase.The Searchfunction (Skins , Models , Authors and News) and a really active Forum is added. The newest subforum is User-reviews.

SkinCity is founded by SaD - Coding and databasecoding by Marco B. -
Unreal Tournament, Unreal, UT2003 and Unreal 2 are registered trademarks of Epic Games, Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are properties of their respective owners.
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