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.:: Copyright Issues ::.

We have had some issues regarding "illegal" material being sent to Skin City... Now we do not support illegally created content of the original authors work, we cannot validate all the work which is sent to us as far as we are concerned the creator gives us permission to use there work and that's it. However with forums and other communities out there its seems to us they want to harm sites like ours for innocently hosting these peoples work. Check out what Skin City will do in the future and what is being done presently here to fix this problem.
- If illegal content is found on our site future submissions from that author will not be accepted by us.

- If communities / individuals find content which has not credited the original author please contact us first.

- If illegally created skins are submitted and are reported to us, we will make sure our site remove the offending skins, models etc once we can make sure of the persons claim.

- Due to UT designers importing characters from other games, we cannot be held responsible if they turn out to be illegal. All we can ask is that you send us a civil email to highlighting the issue. Please do not keep the problem to yourselves and post in community forums which we have no contacts with.

- SkinCity will respect the legal issues of other games once we have been told of them, but as we cannot possible own a copy of every game we cannot find out before hand that certain games will not allow duplication of there characters so its up to you to tell us.

- Authors submitting converted skins etc please contact the original author first. We cannot be held responsible for them. But if the original author contacts us requesting to remove it then it will be, or if they wish to tell us that they are the original author of the skin we will update the Skins details on our site.

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