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Question: I downloaded some of the skins and whenever I play online UT set back to a standartskin.
Answer: To use a customskin or model, it must be installed on the server too.
Question: What must I do to use a skin in a LAN?
Answer: It must be installed on all computer you play with. And also add this in the UnrealTournament.ini:
Question: I have downloaded a skin with some files. What must I do now?
Answer: You have downloaded the (a soldierskin). It´s unzipped and you have the following files:

Copy the *.int file to your UnrealTournament/System directory and the *.utx file to your UnrealTournament/Textures directory.
To use it in a LAN add the following to your UnrealTournament.ini:
Question: I have downloaded a new skin, but there is no *.int or *.utx-file, only a *.umod file. I can´t install it.
Answer: You need the MOTDEnabler. It´s right here!
Question: I have problems with umod´s for Unreal Tournament.Is there a solution ?
Answer: You can extract them with the UMOD-Browser and install them manually . UMOD-Browser!
Question: I have done all, where do I find my skin now?
Answer: When you unzip the files you see what model is it. Below are most of the models are listed. If you don´t have them, there are the downloadlinks, too.

- NewXanskins_name Xan Mk II (BonusPack4)
- Warmachinebossskins_name Warmachine(BonusPack4)
- Rumiko_name Rumiko
- Abbey_name Abbey
- Jarheadskins_name Jarhead
- Bugskins_name Bug
- Angeskins_name Angela
- Marineskins_name 6 Marine
- Linnskins_name Linna in hardsuit
- Syliskins_name Sylia in hardsuit
- Prissskins_name Priss in hardsuit
- Neneskins_name NeNe in hardsuit
- SGirlskins_name Female Soldier (Standardmodel)
- FCommandoskins_name Female Commando (Standardmodel)
- Soldierskins_name Male Soldier (Standardmodel)
- Commandoskins_name Male Commando (Standardmodel)
- Bossskins_name Boss-Model (Standardmodel)
- tcowmeshskins_name Nali Warcow BonusPack1
- tskmskins_name Skaarj Hybrid BonusPack1
- tnalimeshskins_name Nali BonusPack1
- Spacemarineskins_name Spacemarine

Now you can choose the skin in the Playersetup in UT. Choose the class, for example the Male Soldier. And then your new skin, for example the WIDO-skin.
Question: I can´t choose the Boss. Must I finsh the tournament?
Answer: Yes... or no. Add the following at the end of your User.ini in the UnrealTournament/System directory:


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