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1. Hi, tell us a little bit about you . Where are you from ? What are you doing ? (School , Work etc.) How old are you ?

Hi, My name is PJ, I'm 32 years old and am from New Hampshire, U.S.A. I'm originally from New Jersey (lived there most of my life) and I'm not ashamed to say I miss that stinkhole of a state. Currently working as a screen printer which is pretty fun. I get to make all sorts of cool shirts and stuff and get to play with Photoshop and Illustrator a lot. Also currently in the Jumpin' Juggernuts trickjumping clan, a creation by myself and °J2°NegativeTrend.
2. When do you started skinning and for which game?

First started skinning for Unreal Tournament, making modified clan skins and such for the clan I was in at the time and some close allied ones as well.
3. Do you remember your first skin ?

It was a modified Metal Guard soldier. I honestly have little artistic talent as far as free-hand drawing/painting, but I'm pretty good at manipulating things in photoshop. Needless to say pretty much my entire skin repertoire is all cut & paste from stock game skins. But it's fun to see how creative you can get with something that already exists. I envy those people with the actual talent to create 3d looking skin textures from scratch.
4. Can you tell us, for which games you have made customskins?

Unreal Tournament, Quake3, Tribes 2, UT2004
5. Which Skin's/Model's you have made for UT/UT2003?

Unreal Tournament:
Kore clan skin
Tempest Development Clan SKin
Pikachu (5 minute nali warcow skin and my only completely original work. Me and a buddy did it as a joke in a drunken stupor. We uploaded it to Unreality and the next morning not only had over 1000 downloads, but had Picture of the Day on multiple UT sites. Some people are wierd)

UT2004: °J2° clan skinpack
6.What skin/model are you working on at the moment?

°J2° clan Skinpack ver. 2
7. How much time do you spend on a great skin/model?

As most of my stuff is cut & paste it usually doesn't take long at all. ;) (I also wouldn't call them "great" either, haha)
8. Is there anything you would like to say to tell the community?

Just that the UT community is great compared to every other game I've played online. It's pretty much what keeps me playing/interested in this over other available fps games out there. Of course I also wanna give shouts to °J2° and everyone at Beyond Unreal.
9. Where can we see your work? (Webpage) and of course :D

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