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1. Hi, tell us a little bit about you . Where are you from ? What are you doing ? (School , Work etc.) How old are you ?

I'm an engineer of CAD, live in Tokyo Japan. A long time ago, I was doing work which writes the articles to the computer magazines in Japan.
2. When do you started skinning and for which game?

The game which I started skining is 1st Unreal. Although I was playing Quake and Quake2, I impressed by the beauty of the scenery of Unreal very much. Then, I started trying to make the skins by myself for Unreal.
3. Do you remember your first skin ?

I don't remember... I had only modified a little bit of part in the skins to my liking, until I began to make custom models for UT2003. I did not do painting the skins overall till then. Therefore, "JagdTiger" can be called my first true work.
4. Can you tell us, for which games you have made customskins?

Unreal, UT, UT2003, UT2004. And I made models for UT2003, UT2004.
5. Which Skin's/Model's you have made for UT/UT2003?

JagdTiger (model for UT2003)
ChameleonMark (model for UT2003, however this also works for UT2004)
LittleEris(model for UT2003)
LittleEris Additional Pack 1 (skin pack and refined mesh for LitteEris)
LittleEris Additional Pack 2 (skin pack for LitteEris)
Marygold(refined model of JagdTiger for UT2004)
BlackAndWhite (skin pack for Marygold)
LionAndHyena (skin pack for Marygold)
6.What skin/model are you working on at the moment?

LittleEris for UT2004(almost done), and my 4th model(a kind of robot).
7. How much time do you spend on a great skin/model?

It has not taken time so much. I am spending time in the extent that can be enjoyed as a hobby. About 3 days for modeling(because I always use the animations of the default models), and 1 day per 1 skin. Since I have been using LightWave for a long time, I am familiar with modeling. However, I do it only at a weekend, then it takes long time to complete.
8. Is there anything you would like to say to tell the community?

Thank you for lots of wonderful works. Cheers.
9. Where can we see your work? (Webpage)

Sorry, I don't have a website. However almost of my works are in here SkinCity.

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