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Stuart "Eldritch" Rumbel
1. Hi, tell us a little bit about you . Where are you from ? What are you doing ? (School , Work etc.) How old are you ?

Stuart Rumbel's the name, Eldritch is the nick I'll be using for just about everything. I live in a dinky little town called Toowoomba, Queensland Australia. I'm currently looking for work after completing a Diploma of Multimedia. I'm 32.
2. When do you started skinning and for which game?

UT is the only one I've skinned for thus far. Quake 3 just doesn't have the same fun factor as UT; playing Q3 seems more like work than play. I started only a few months ago.
3. Do you remember your first skin ?

Sure. Death Dealer for the Conan model. Probably not the best choice to start with - the model stretches in odd places, making detail problematic.
4. Can you tell us, for which games you have made customskins?

Only UT so far. I'm hooking up with The Fuzz crew for their gangster-style mod, doing skins for characters and weapons.
5. Which Skin's/Model's you have made for Unreal Tournament?

Skins only - I'm just beginning to teach myself to model.
Death Dealer for Conan.
Aria Giovanni for Julie Strain
Tantala and the rest of the Big Cat Pack for Abbey
Dark Mistress versions 1 & 2 for GGFemale.
Shodan for Rumiko
6.What skin/model are you working on at the moment?

A Frank Frazetta chick for the Conni model. Once I get into modelling, there's a few I want to do: A proper Tantala, complete with tail and cheek ruffs. I'd like to do a Sandman model, a Death model, and a John Constantine model (all from the Vertigo comics)
7. How much time do you spend on a great skin/model?

2-3 days
8. Do you want to say something to the community?

It's a lot of fun being a part of this! Thanx go out to any-one who downloaded my stuff, even the embarrassing stuff that makes me cringe now.
9. Can you imaging, making skins for other games like Unreal2 in the future?

Sure, can't wait for it! Let's all pray the next generation of Unreal Ed is a little more stable, eh?
10. Where can we see your work? (Webpage)

My artwork, Burned Oak comic, first chapter of my book and UT skins all at Eldritchpress (You'll need Flash Player though)

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