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1. Hi, tell us a little bit about you . Where are you from ? What are you doing ? (School , Work etc.) How old are you ?

My name is Andrew "Andson" Ashcroft, Im from South Shields, Tyne and Wear, UK, I started out mapping for Unreal then I moved up to Unreal Tournament, I then tested my skills at skinning for UT but I did'nt suceed at that. I reciently retired as a UT mapper and began making maps for Deus Ex. I have put them on hold for a few months while I study the Quake 3 engine. At the moment I am in the process of making maps for Q3 and I will shortly be dishing out Quake 3 and Deus Ex maps. I also try to practice skinning for Quake 3 as I find more possibilities with the Quake 3 engine (more special effects. Shaders etc.) In September I will be going to college to study Information Technology. (Web design, modeling, Structure of computers etc.) My dream is to form a team of coders, skinners, mappers etc. and produce a game like Quake 3 and UT. Just to be hired as a mapper for id or Epic would be a dream come true!
2. When do you started skinning and for which game?

I started skinning for UT but didnt make any success for that, I am currently practicing skinning for Quake 3 but hav'nt released any skins yet.
3. Do you remember your first skin ?

My first skin was Acid Armor for UT. It was basically a few skins from Deus Ex put together to make a soldier skin for UT. It may still be available on the net somewhere.
4. Can you tell us, for which games you have made customskins?

UT and Q3
5. Which Skin's/Model's you have made for Unreal Tournament?

UT: Acid Armor, Herman, 4 skins for the Genestealer model which I thought was a brilliant model! a skin for Xan but I cant remember the name and a few others.
6.What skin/model are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I am practicing Quake 3 skins but none in progress at the moment
7. How much time do you spend on a great skin/model?

Probably all day till its done!
8. Do you want to say something to the community?

Im not quite sure. If you believe in something don't give up untill you have acomplished it!
9. Can you imaging, making skins for other games like Unreal2 in the future?

I would like to. I wouldnt know till I had a look at the game engine
10. Where can we see your work? (Webpage)

I used to have a site hosed at but I closed it when I gave up UT maps. You might be able to find some of my work at RAM2000if Ram has uploaded them. Maybe even SkinCity.

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