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1. Hi, tell us a little bit about you . Where are you from ? What are you doing ? (School , Work etc.) How old are you ?

I live in England, and have a regular office job as a fax machine and am 27 years old.
2. When do you started skinning and for which game?

I started skinning for UT about a year and a half ago. I've been modelling for about 4-5 months. That's a new adventure for me and I have to admit I think I prefer it to skinning. Not by much, but just a little!
3. Do you remember your first skin ?

My first skin was, umm.... , 'Female Commodore' for the female soldier. In hindsight it was very flat, but at the time I was really pleased with it! It's always the way though, as soon as you've finished a new one, the last one never looks as good!
4. Can you tell us, for which games you have made customskins?

UT mostly. I've dabled with Q3 but not released anything for it.
5. Which Skin's/Model's you have made for Unreal Tournament?

Umm, my last skins were Storm Watch, Chancellor's guard, Talon Mercenary. Models my first was Battalion and I'm soon to release Reptile Warrior, Rollergirl and also Commando.
6.What skin/model are you working on at the moment?

Rollergirl and Commando. Keeping me very busy at the mo. One uses the old vertex animation the other the new skeletal animation system. I'm having to think a lot!
7. How much time do you spend on a great skin/model?

I'm quite fast, I believe, comparatively. I can do a skin in 2-3 days. I'll have a model built in an hour or two. What takes the time with the models is the boring stuff like texture mapping and boning. I use Milkshape for that as it's fairly straightforward but it still bores the pants off me. Luckily the animating comes next and that bit I really enjoy.
8. Do you want to say something to the community?

Just I hope we all keep doing original things.
9. Can you imaging, making skins for other games like Unreal2 in the future?

Without a doubt! Let me at em!
10. Where can we see your work? (Webpage)

My new site isn't up yet but it will be be up in a week, 2 at the most. The new models will be there for downloading! Hope to see ya there!

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